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International Students Summer Program


The climate change is the most topic in 21th century. Influences quality our lives. The scientists and govenrment can’t solve the problem without suport from the people. The each person can do something to solve climate change problem. Such as: using public transfortation, make alitle park in our home, and efectively using electrical power to the light. First, using public transfortation is a greats solution to solve the provlem. By using it we can change the people habiet ho use car to use public transfort. If we are using public transfortation means we use less gasolin, less traffic jump and less pollution. Consequently the people have presher and healtyer environment. Second, make small park in back stage or infron of our homes, so we planed some trees. Becouse trees can reduce polution to make better our environment. Infact we can see more houses do not have any small park. However, every one can try to make small park to minimize bad infact from climate change. Third, people use electrical power efectively. In my experiences, I see many offices still turn the light on along day, and less offices use windows as a natural lighture. That is one factor can contribute to make climate change. Consequently if we have good behaviour how in making good environment. It can be good solution to climate change problem. Finally, everyone should change their life styles becouse everything what scientist and government say about how to solve this problem is nothing, if people do not change their life style.