Practically the legistrator had known the substantion of the Indonesia ethics politic. It has been tested its righteousness through their success in getting the legislative seats through the general elections. They were succeded in collecting the strategic issues, the campaign ways, the main necessities which were really needed by the people. This action had given the good effect in getting the people’s sympathy and the votes. But this politic ethics that were performed by the board members in campaign seems to be the camouflage just to get the people’ votes, not become their never ending will when they got the position as the legislative members.

As the DPR (Indonesian Legislative Assembly) member policy often become the polemic of the public discussions. This indicates the existence of the basic differentiation between the interests of the legislative members and the Indonesian people which were become the objects in the general elections. Some of the agendas that become people’s polemic are as follow; The visit to the Greece in studying ethics, the construction of the DPR’s building that reach 1.1 billion rupiah, the visit to the Australian parliament which was not in the  correct time, and recently about the proposal of the phone rate. Lots of activities that had been done and will be done by the legislative member  obiously give the effect of the budget estimate and the benefit values from those activities. The budgets that were used every activity of the legislative members was not little, but sometimes the benefit values were tends to the members of the legislative themselves.

The condition when they had become thr members of legaslative is different when they were compete the DPR’ seats. When they were campaign less of them that were talking about their self-interest not even about asking the phone credit, what they did were  very respectful. Such as, delivering their pesonal finance in order to fight the people’s rights. That was a respectful action.

We are needed the basic measurement that developing the politic ethics has some prerequirements as follow. First, motivation is really needed for a politician, some political intrics, the practical politics’ offers will influnce someone’ motivation whether he has the consistance in his profer aim as the legislative member that is for their political servise to the people or just as their temporary polical aims.

Second; ideology, the understanding of the idiology of a country is a political certainty so that it is not easy to be influenced by others idealogy which influenced the parliament political policy, it inevitable the second world war winning was a symbolic winning of the west world liberalisastion that can be seen in the behavior of capilalism and materialism either in the political elite or in the people. The ideology of Pancasila does not wish that happen, it wish to implement its principles not to emphasize at individual interest or group,but more priority in the way of people’s life that are divinity, humanity, unity, deliberation, and social justice. Therefor, the understanding of political ethic for the legislative members is better to begin the understanding of the fundamental values in Pancasila, as main concideration of the nation former. At least we put Pancasila as the basic consideration in implementing the policy’ priority. The argument freedom of legislative members are always based on the principles of Pancasila.

Third; Orientation. The orientation of political ethics is not personal orientation but collective orientation. Then discussing about political ethics has a requirement a whole agreement. In codition there  is a personal thingking, he has to try to make his thingking is accepted by the other legislators. Therefor, in political ethics there is no ethics that can be forced because the domination of individualism force.

Fourth; Problem. In every periodical legislative members has different characteristic problems. In this case, alegislative member should be capable in choosing which problems is urgently to be solved and very important, urgent not important, not urgent important, not urgent not important. Therefor, every problem can be easily indentified it’s causal factor, the impact, and the solution. Whether the legislative member should prior the construction of the new DPR building or to reconstruct the unproper school’ buildings, visiting abroad or broaden the basic nation values, propose the phone credit or the improvement of the lower economics. If that so, there are not any imbalance between the facilities that can be used by the legislative member and the bitter reality that has to be faced by the people which are not far from the legislative building.

In fact, the political ethic is a sublime aim to be politic in peacefully and can make prosperous people. Therefor, characteristic building in every politic party is needed in order to make it’s cadres consistance in their political nation ethics in their campaign, as a legislative member, and after resigning as legislative member. If the fourth steps can be proof by a politician so this tongue cannot be stiff to say that they are statemen.